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2017-04-12 - Modelling Events, Activities


We discussed this short doc (1.5 pages) that outlines a proposal for developing a shared activity list as part of this groups activities:
    Consensus was that a shared, hierarchical list would be both feasible to create and useful
    Need to properly scope the content of the list and approach iteratively, e.g. limit depth
    List needs to be versioned
    List needs to be updated on a regular schedule, perhaps 6-12 months
    Sport England and SportSuite lists can be used to seed the first version, merging them where appropriate
    We need to develop some clear editorial guidance to help focus and drive development of the list
    Aim for a phase one with limited detail, then expand as/when necessary
We reviewed EMD data capture fields:
    Jade stepped us through the fields that EMD use to describe events
    Disability support for events has been reviewed by Interactive, so follows best practice
    A number of fields useful for booking/event attendance that we should consider adding
    Jade: to share EMD activity list
    Leigh/Jade/Kim/Becky/Nick: coordinate on creating initial version of the list
    All: provide feedback on the primer and specification



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