2018-08-30 - Modelling Event Types


We discussed the changes to add new Event types. Additionally, an editors draft of the Modelling Opportunity Data specification 2.0 is now available for review.


The specification includes a number of improvements and updates which we've discussed in our recent community group calls and via proposals on github.

The key changes are:

  • stricter rules around required, recommended and optional fields for all

    areas of the model

  • stricter conformance criteria that outline things that publishers and

    consumers MUST, MUST NOT, SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do when publishing and

    processing data

  • clearer discussion of use of parent-child relationships between events

    (Section 5.5.7)

  • a new set of Event types to help provide more context around different

    types of event (Section 5.5.8)

  • better documentation for event schedules and how to apply these (Section


  • expanded section on extending the model (Section 5.12)

  • removal of Activity Opportunity ahead of adding support for Routes

  • changes to the URLs used for the OpenActive context

  • various minor text clarifications and improvements

Given the substantial number of changes in this revision, and the pending discussion around the data model for Routes, this will be deferred to a later release (2.x).

To help move this forward please provide feedback on the draft document by 13th September. Please submit feedback directly to Leigh or as github issues, indicating the change(s) you'd like to see at:




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