2017-04-12 - Modelling Events, Activities


We discussed this short doc (1.5 pages) that outlines a proposal for developing a shared activity list as part of this groups activities:

  • Consensus was that a shared, hierarchical list would be both feasible to create and useful

  • Need to properly scope the content of the list and approach iteratively, e.g. limit depth

  • List needs to be versioned

  • List needs to be updated on a regular schedule, perhaps 6-12 months

  • Sport England and SportSuite lists can be used to seed the first version, merging them where appropriate

  • We need to develop some clear editorial guidance to help focus and drive development of the list

  • Aim for a phase one with limited detail, then expand as/when necessary

We reviewed EMD data capture fields:

  • Jade stepped us through the fields that EMD use to describe events

  • Disability support for events has been reviewed by Interactive, so follows best practice

  • A number of fields useful for booking/event attendance that we should consider adding


  • Jade: to share EMD activity list

  • Leigh/Jade/Kim/Becky/Nick: coordinate on creating initial version of the list

  • All: provide feedback on the primer and specification



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