2017-03-13 - Modelling Events, Activities


Topics covered:

  • Summary of latest specification releases and plans

  • Moving forward with activity lists, e.g. sharing in a common formats, identifying overlaps

  • How we provide extra detail around describing events to support discovery

  • Making outputs of the group more visible

  • Scheduling more regular meetups

Couple of key discussion points and actions:

  • Next series of community hangouts are now in our shared calendar

  • We should develop a "Getting Started" guide to supplement the Modelling Opportunity Data specification to help developers implement the specification with clear examples. Any further technical specification will be added to the existing spec

  • We can promote the output as a deliverable from this group on the W3C site and then on the OpenActive website

  • I agreed to convert the activity lists shared so far into a common format for further review/analysis, with a view to starting to identify a common list

  • There was consensus that we need some extra descriptive properties for events, but that we shouldn't spend too much time refining this or trying to develop controlled vocabularies for now. These were in two categories:

    • simple numeric ranges, e.g. age, height, weight

    • properties to allow free text/tags, e.g. category, purpose

This would help identify the Who/What/Where/When around events.



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