2018-04-11 - Virtual Events, Booking, Governance


Virtual Events

We discussed virtual events and activities, e.g. events that don't take place at a specific location, or at a specific time.

We discussed how the BroadcastEvent type in Schema.org might support some types of virtual activities, but it may not cover all requirements.

Action was for me to follow up with Chris Pointon and Jade Moulden to put together a proposal, starting with general requirements.


We did a high-level walk-through of some of the draft booking specification, to identify the key workflows and to highlight some of the open issues.

We discussed some alternate workflows and some potential performance overheads with the current design. It's likely there's some simple changes to the specification that can address the latter.

All of the current working documents around our booking working can now be found here:



As the group continues to grow and we work on more things in parallel, its time to clarify some of our processes.

I've already shared the document with the list, but its also now published here:




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