2018-02-28 - Facilities, Booking, Validation



I discussed a slightly revised proposal around handling of Facilities. The changes were mostly around how to approach the modelling. The revised proposal is based on describing opportunities to book facilities (including equipment), rather than describing the facilities themselves.

There's a brief summary in the slides, but I've also documented the proposal on github here:


Please have a read through and add your comments. We had a good discussion on the call which highlighted some useful additions and helped us test out the thinking.

I aim to publish a draft of the 1.1 opportunity model specification tomorrow.


The latest working draft of the booking API that the early implementers are testing can be found here:


Please take a look and add you comments.

Data Validation

We ran out of time to discuss approaches to improving quality of the published data by tightening up the specification and creating some validation tools. There are some notes in the slides.

We'll discuss this in a future call.



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