2018-06-06 - Facilities


With thanks to the great work of Played and Fusion, Fusion facilities data is now live: https://github.com/fusion-lifestyle/opendata

It uses a schema described here, which has been adapted from the current proposal that is described in the Editor's Draft.

The differences between the Fusion schema and the proposal, and any other community feedback, were the basis of the discussion this W3C Community Group.

For anyone looking to consume the data (e.g. Played, MLP, PitchBooking, imin) we also encouraged you to have a developer attempt to use the Fusion feed and compare it to the proposal, and to feedback before and during the call.

When everyone's happy with the feed, the plan is to deploy this into Everyone Active to make their facilities data open too, so please do make sure you flag feedback now rather than later as it'll be harder to make updates after the EA deployment.



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