2018-10-10 - Booking API Update and Feedback

Update on the booking API work and discussion on some of the issues that have come up in recent feedback


A quick progress update on new developments:

  • We have published the V2.0 data model specification

  • Our Validator is up to date and conforms with the specification

    • Open source, to be updated by the community as we continue to update the specifications

  • We've launched our Developer site

    • Acts as a reference point for people who are starting to publish and use data as part of OpenActive

    • Aimed at developers, people looking to build applications against existing data feeds (knowledge of JSON and data model)

  • We've made progress on our Booking API (Booking 1.0 draft), and understand that the community needs more time to explore the specification.

    • We would like to collate feedback from practical use

We had a discussion on how to structure and approach the booking API flow, exploring anonymous leases, 2-phase commit options, alternative 2-phase commits, and two-step payment options. The discussion centred around community feedback and thoughts on how to approach the booking API flow. More detailed notes on the call can be found on this link.



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