2018-06-20 - Facilities


Following the feedback on this call, we released a new Editors Draft of the Modelling Opportunity Data specification:


Based on feedback and discussion over the last month around the facilities information, this draft includes a modified proposal which covers the core requirements.

We reviewed those requirements on that community group call this week and I showed, using examples how the revised model supports those requirements.

There are some additional requirements, e.g. for booking longer slots and adjacent courts, which are not directly supported but can be implemented using the proposed model. We can extend the model to support those, if required, in future releases.

Our current priority is to move forward to allow the publication of opportunities to use facilities. When reviewing the updates to the specification, the relevant sections are:

Thanks to everyone for effort to get us to this point. Looking forward to getting this released so we can move forward with some of the other proposals.



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