2019-04-02 - Booking Finalisation Workshop


With the Open Booking Specification nearing finalisation this workshop offered a presentation of its features and limitations, the decisions that have been taken by the community to date, and provided a final opportunity for feedback.

Delegates attended both in person and via live stream, and included executive representation from major booking systems, brokers, leisure operators, and other activity providers.

The following changes will be made to the Open Booking specification as a result of the workshop:

  • Change the language in the logical steps from "Register" to "Identify", to clarify that registration is not mandatory.

  • Add a property that can be used by the Broker to clearly display free text restrictions such as "2:1 adult/child ratio", in addition to improved guidance for the Broker to prominently communicate existing age and gender restrictions in advance of the booking being confirmed.

  • Add guidance for attendeeInstructions to be sent as part of the booking confirmation from the Broker to the Customer, so that information about how local car parking works, locker tokens, etc are guaranteed to be communicated.

  • Clarify financial data / reconciliation requirements including cost centre.

Additionally we created the following GitHub issue for further discussion:



Part 1: Slides 1-36: Introduction and OpenActive Overview

Part 2: Slides 37-68: Booking Finalisation Part A

Part 3: Slides 69-90: Booking Finalisation Part B

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