2017-04-26 - Event attendance, Booking


Specifying a means to book events is out of scope for this phase of our work. But at this stage I'm keen to ensure that we've thought about how we sign-post people to the next stage of engaging in an event.

The goal for sharing the data is for people to be more active. If participants need to book or make contact with an organiser we need to ensure that the data standard can describe that.

This call is an opportunity to discuss that area of the standard, identify any gaps, and gather some requirements.

The types of question I would like to discuss are:

  • Identifying equipment that an attendee may need to bring, suitable apparel, etc

  • How do we describe event capacity?

  • Whether an event has an associated cost

  • Whether anyone can attend an event, or whether its member only

  • What is the hand-off point to a booking system, e.g. so a participant can check availability.

  • Is our current link to a web page for an event sufficient?

  • ...etc

I suspect there's a few more properties we may need in the specification, without getting into the detail of live availability checking, payment methods, making bookings, etc.



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