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2017-03-29 - Modelling Events, Activities


    Brief update on standard development work to date and latest revisions to the specification
    Outline next steps:
      call to action to this group and beyond to begin testing the specification using real data
      creating a primer to guide implementation
      minor update to the paging specification
    Update on open issues proposal for recurring events still in review
      Need to explore description of equipment at facilities and for sessions in more detail
      Need to agree process for standardising activity list
    Review of planned next steps to support adoption and uptake of the standard
    Discussion around approach for capturing detail on how people sign up to events
      Agreed to schedule a call in a months time on that topic
    Discussion around capturing information about disability support at events
      Consensus was that we should develop a strawman proposal, e.g. mixture of free-text fields and a limited set of classifications, then share this with a more expert group
      Tentatively schedule for a call in 6 weeks time
    Review of next steps for standardising activity lists
      We now have a data format
      Need to ask people to share the structured lists they have as open data
      Need to decide on process on getting alignment between lists
      This will be the focus of our next CG call on 12th April
Additional Suggestions:
    Jade (EMDP), add some guidance on what detail is useful to include in event descriptions
    Terry (GLL), create a "kitchen sink" example data file that can be easily cut-down/customised by developers
    Nick (SE) provide links to Active Places data/documentation on equipment
    Ben (Imin) file an issue to start capturing discussion around disability support at events
    Jade (EMDP) share some information on disability data capture in their new system
    Nick (ODI) / Jade to review engagement & outreach docs
    Leigh schedule community call to discuss how best to represent disability support
    Leigh schedule community call to start capturing requirements around event availability and booking
    Leigh include guidance on event descriptions in Primer
    Leigh to put together roadmap for standardising activity lists, to circulate to the group.



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