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2018-09-12 - Booking API 1.0
Initial draft of Booking API 1.0, moving to formal publication


We've just published an initial editors draft of the Open Booking API 1.0. The updated document can be found here:
Changes include:
    Orders now contain arrays of orderedItems and acceptedOffers
    A richer set of error conditions
    Revised modelling on Order, Payment, Error and around where properties
    such as privacyPolicy, termsAndConditions and potentialAction sit
    Improved modelling and documentation relating to cancellation of events
    Introduction of webhook subscription for brokers to be notified of
    events cancelled by booking systems
    Moved to use validFrom/validThrough for Offer as it expresses the
    intent more clearly than availabilityStarts/availabilityEnds
    Improved modelling of free offers which brings it into line with
    Modelling Specification 2.0
    Finalised new Booking models for Error and Payment
We are publishing this draft so that we can collect comments and feedback from the community as early as possible.
Please review the latest document and file your feedback on github:
We'd like to get this published as a formal community group deliverable in the next 2-3 weeks.



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