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2018-08-15 - Booking


We reviewed progress on the booking API specification and several recent additions, including:
    Support for exposing terms and conditions and privacy notices
    Support for cancellations and refunds
The key conclusions are that:
    we need to add support for privacy notices, in addition to terms and conditions
    we should consider how best to provide this, often service level information, in ways that minimises repetition of data
    we need to support marketing opt-in information
    we need to be careful around conformance language re: marketing opt-in, etc to ensure that we are inline with current GDPR and marketing email guidance
    that as not all platforms support refunds, we cannot mandate refund/cancellation support, but it will be recommended
    there is a need to include windows during which cancellations/refunds can be accepted, and whether cancellations are allowed, to improve user experience of bookings
    we also agreed to review how URL discovery is currently specified to ensure we're avoiding need to replicate data in feeds



Last modified 3yr ago
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