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2018-07-04 - Roadmap


A quick status update on where we are with the specifications and a roadmap for moving forward with the modelling and booking specifications between now and end of August.
    Booking API specification is relatively stable, we need implementation
    feedback to continue
    Assuming we get this, we are aiming for Open Booking API 1.0 specification by 31st August, with revised editors drafts between now and then
    The next modelling specification updates will focus on Routes and Validation. This will be a 2.0 release due to some breaking changes
    Editors draft to be published before end of July
    Modelling Opportunity data specification to be published by 31st August
To support delivering that, the slides indicate what the focus of our calls with be for the next 2 months.
We'll refine our plans around activity lists following a f2f community meetup on 20th July.



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